Saturday, 10 July 2010

हेअलिंग थे ब्रोकेन हेअर्तेद


I cannot put a header on as every time I write in the panel, it alters to ARABIC or similar as you can see.

After so long, I am now back, with a very strong word from the Lord. He said even whilst he was on this planet, to bind up the 'Broken hearted' and now he is telling us to do this even more so.

The great legalist Satan the Devil wants us to be absorbed in things that are of this World. This World is a Sinking Ship and at the moment there are many people who need saving and comforting. I have been seeing a lot of my patients in this condition. Even those with Millions are seeking to know what is happening.

Even those who are rich with material things are hurting and broken hearted.

This week I have been thankful that the Lord has used me to bring 3 dear souls to him in repentance. If you read the current post on you can read about this past week.

People are like rattling bottles in a container and cause irritation and very often breakages.

A few weeks ago I put some bottles in a carrier bag as we were travelling back from Limassol about 65 kilometers from us. Then the Lord spoke to me and said, 'David will not like that, as the bottles will rattle all the way back home’. So I got some tissues and wrapped them around the bottles quickly, however the Lord said, that’s not good enough they will still rattle.

So I got every bottle and wrapped it individually and properly, so that they did not rattle and cause irritation. After that time, we realised that this was a very good lesson and illustration of how we become when we are subjected to abuse and carelessness.

If we put bottles together and they are subjected to a lot of bashing and rough treatment, some will break and all of them will rattle and make a lot of irritating noise, just like we do, when we are in a bruising or irritating situation
By wrapping the bottles up with love and care, the bottles are contained and safe and do not rattle or get broken. That is why there should be many caring ‘wrapping up’ people within the Church, but unfortunately we have found just the opposite in many Churches.

The vast majority of Churches are run by ‘Superintendents’ ‘Business Men’ or similar type leaders. They start the service with some worship, then maybe some announcements, then someone will ‘Preach’ and then ask for the ‘Offering or Tithes’ and then if you are in a more caring church, you may get some time for prayer.

Often though it is an added on thought and the speaker will say, if you need prayer the prayer team will be over in the corner or in another room and will pray for you.

This is no good for us and we are sure Jesus Christ did not institute this type of Church.

So we are going to focus on setting up POTTERS HANDS MINISTRIES, where we can help the broken hearted and the lost to find Jesus Christ and get prayer and help in their brokeness.



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